Tips on How To Maintain the Slay

Author: Destani Cooksey

A common excuse for ladies not to work out is their hair. After paying an abundance of money to get their hair washed, dried, and styled, who would want to sweat it out? Yes, this excuse is understandable but it is time to let it go. Ladies, we cannot keep our hair from letting us get in shape and SLAYING the world. Yes, a vigorous workout can and will leave you drenched in sweat, but taking a few precautions before you workout can help you avoid your hair getting drenched with you.

As High as Possible

  1. You MUST get your hair off of your neck before you begin your workout. Use an elastic ponytail holder to put your hair up in a high pony or bun. Doing this will give your hair less of a chance to cling to your sweaty body after you work out. This will also eliminate your hair from being in your face while you work out.

   Wrap It Up

  1. Wear a wrap to keep hair in place and out of the way. It may not be the cutest look you have ever rocked, but the only women at the gym wanting to look cute aren’t there to put in work. Nicole Ari Parker’s GymWrap is highly recommended. This wrap comes in many different colors. Just wait until you have cooled down to take it off and you're set.

   Use Some Product

  1. Put a drop of an anti-frizz product on your ends to keep them smooth. This will maintain your hair while you are working out.

   Fight The Fly Aways!

  1. Don’t be afraid of bobby pins! You do not want any loose hair to be in your face while working out, this will cause you to become frustrated and the hair will become soiled with sweat.

   Nightly Routine

  1. Before going to bed wrap your hair tightly with a satin scarf. This will help your hair avoid breakage, keep it bouncy, and maintain your SLAY.