What Is Slaycycle?

Slaycycle is a heart pumping spin workout that’s scaleable to your ability and fitness level.

Whether you are a first time cycler or a seasoned olympic athlete, SlayCycle will rock your world. The experience is formatted around an awesome playlist choreographed to a workout that will likely include a series of climbs, flats, sprints, hovers, and downhills. But, its not your average spin class. SlayCycle will lift you up and help you dig into your inner strength. You will finish empowered, inspired, and encouraged to SLAY your day.


What should I expect?

If its your first class, arrive early, maybe 10 minutes to get orientated with the studio and your bike. There’s a waiver we have you sign before you sweat with us located at the front desk, but you should fill it out and bring it in to make your arrival quicker. You can find the waiver HERE. Also review the bike safety instructions before riding. Let the instructor know you are new so we can help you with set up. Some of it is comfort based and some of it is based on your height, and torso length. Once you’ve been set up, you can just spin for a few minutes to get the hang of the balance and weight transfer. Remember to follow all instructions given to you by our staff for your safety.

What should I wear?

We suggest sporting a tee or tank on top and form-fitting pants or shorts on the bottom.  Cushioned shorts or a cushioned bike seat cover are recommended for an extra comfy ride. For shoes, our pedals have toe straps, so sneakers will be fine. We do not provide shoes at this time. 

*We do sell cushioned seat covers. Stop by the front desk for more info or visit or SlayCycle Shop to buy today.*

What should I Bring?

Water. Drink plenty of water before, during, and after. Bring a towel!  We have 2 giant fans to keep you cool. If you tend to get really hot, or are just starting out in your cardio training, sit by the big fan in the back for the most air circulation. 


We encourage you to pre-register to reserve and guarantee your spot prior to arrival using our online system. Sweat & Slay Studio does allow for "drop-in" arrivals at the studio, however, there is not a guarantee that a spot will be available, therefore, we recommend you call ahead to reserve your ride if you plan to pay in cash. We also have a mobile application you can download from iTunes or Google Play to make reserving your class easier.